Metals In Biology

Charlotte and Nick went to Durham to attend a Metals in Biology BBSRC NIBB Community Meeting. They both presented posters with their work and both got nominated for the poster prize!

Merry Christmas Horsfall Lab

It is that time of year again when the Horsfall Lab enjoy a few festive drinks after a very filling Christmas dinner!

Bioreactor, Get One Free.

The Lab is very happy to have a matching pair of brand new bioreactors. Next stop: scale up!

Virginia Goes East!

Virginia attended the 5th International conference Sustainable utilization of Tropical Plant Biomass: Bioproducts, Biocatalysts and Biorefinery (SutB4) in Coimbatore (India). She was warmly welcomed, enjoyed the talks, and hopefully sparked up some future collbaorations from the The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU).

Horsfall Lab At SBUK

All the Horsfall Lab attended the Synthetic Biology UK conference in Edinburgh, seeing some of the best SynBio the UK and abroad has to offer. Mike even gave a flash presentation and presented a poster of his work, while Matt gave a talk summing up the CL4W grant.

Zara Joins The Lab

Zara B‭io Pic 01-10-17
We are very happy to welcome Zara, our new PhD student to the lab who joins us to work on novel nanoparticles produced via synthetic biology.

Welcome George

George Mantalas
George joins us as part of his MSc in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology to study lignin degradation by bacteria.

Plushy Bacteria!!

Virginia has made a plushy Desulfovibrio complete with nanoparticles in preparation for upcoming outreach event, we shall be taking orders shortly.

Welcome Fintan

Fintan joins us as part of his MSc in Biotechnology to investigate novel uses for spent brewers yeast.

Innovation Cup Finalist

Matt has made it to the final of the Innovation Cup, part of the Launch, Inspire Grow competition held by the University of Edinburgh. The competition is designed to encourage entrepreneurship in the university, and we hope to use the opportunity to help us form a company to use our research for real-world applications. The finalists will give presentations on the 9th June, competing for a £5000 prize for their businesses.

Mike At The Edinburgh Science Festival

01-04-16Mike was demonstrating Synthetic Biology to kids and adults alike at the SynthSys stand in the National Museum of Scotland. Attendees got to find out all about how bacteria and yeast are the future and got to build their own genetic circuits and take the smell test!

3rd Applied Synthetic Biology

Matt, Miguel and Nick attended and presenting their current work at the '3rd Applied Synthetic Biology In Europe', Lisbon.
Matt gave an oral presentation, Miguel presented his first poster, and Nick presented both a poster and a flash presentation. Portuguese egg tarts were had by all!

LBNet, Manchester

17-19 02-16
Fatai, Matthias and Virginia all ventured to Manchester and present their work on novel lignin degrading enzymes at the LBNet International Conference and Construction and Deconstruction of Lignocellulosic Biomass. Virginia gave a great presentation while Fatai presented a poster and a flash presentation, both generated quite a bit of interest.

Road Trip - California!

24-31 01-16
Matt and Nick attended the Metals in Biology Gordon Research Conference and Seminar, Venture California and subsequent Seminar series where they gave both a talk and a poster presentation, both of which were met with interest. They also enjoyed a bit of a road trip around the East coast.

Welcome Frida!

Frida joins the lab as part of her 4th year honours project. She is looking at production of biogenic Copper and Silver Nanoparticles and their antimicrobial effects.

Welcome Brooke!

The lab is pleased to welcome Brooke, a honours student who joins us to work on ancestral enzyme libraries.

The Horsfall Lab On The BBC

The Horsfall Lab has been featured in an article by the BBC (click here), looking at whether technology can help tackle the worlds waste problems.

Welcom Mattius!

Mattius Pic
The lab is pleased to welcome aboard Mattius, a visiting MSc student from ETH Zurich who joins the lab to work on enzymatic lignin degradation.