Nick's Third Year Talk

Congratulations to Nick who gave a rousing third year talk at the Royal Society of Physicians.

Darwin Building Christmas Meal

12-12-14 Xmas meal
The lab had their Christmas bash followed by several very competitive games of Jenga.


Nick and Louise's Review is published online in the Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology
Click HERE to have a read.

Takanori In Japan

18-11-14 Tak
Takanori presented a poster at the MIE BIOFORUM 2014 Lignocellulose degradation and Biorefinery in Shima, Japan.

The Horsfall Lab In London

The Lab were in London this week attending Focus on Frontiers in Industrial Biotechnology and Renewable Chemicals from Lignin Meetings, Matt, Nick and Louise all presented talks and were greatly recieved.

Louise At Nature Jobs EXPO

Louise was part of a panel discussing challenges faced by women in academia as part of the Nature Jobs Career Expo in London

SSAC Report

Our work has been highlighted as an example of a Synthetic Biology project by the Scottish Science Advisory council, in their newly published document which lays out the ways synthetic biology may bring new opportunities to Scotland.

Matt At ECB Video

A video of Matt talking about the CL4W project at ECB 16 earlier in the year has made its way onto youtube.
Click here...


Nick and Louise have had a review article published in the Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology. Check it out here...

9th International Copper Meeting

Nick presented a poster at the 9th International Copper Meeting, which took place in the beautiful town of Vico Equense, near Naples.

EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research

Louise was one of just 10 new members selected from new-ish academics in the UK manufacturing research community for a place on the Early Career Forum. She had a great time at their first meeting on Monday, discussing future visions, projects and potential collaborations.

EPSRC CORE Workshop And CL4W Meeting

08-09-14 CL4W Loughborough
Louise, Nick, Matt and Mike attended the Core Outreach symposium at Loughborough Uni. We got to teach kids about the CL4W project using a hammer, celery and some LEGO, as well as catching up with our collaborators on the CL4W project.

IBiolC Event

Sjaak attended and presented a poster at the 'Making Connections' event at the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre.
To find out more, please visit http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/making-connections-accelerating-ib-in-scotland-tickets-12001473731

Back To School

The academic year kicks off again and we're really pleased to have a new MSc in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology available in the School of Biological Sciences. Louise is Programme Director, so look out for progress updates popping up in the newsfeed soon.

New Lab Picture

Lab Picture
The lab finally got around to taking a new lab picture!

Nick's 2nd Year Poster

Nick presented his 2nd year poster to the School of Biosciences which was well received and generated a lot of interest.

Lab Lego!

Matt Lego
The lab has a box of Lego to help communicate the ideas of Synthetic Biology to adults and children alike.... it's definitely not for our own personal use..... honest!

Goodbye Wanli

Wanli heads back to China to continue his studies, hopefully we'll see him again for an MSc in a few years.

New Lab Equipment

Big Centrifuge
One big centrifuge, two new microcentrifuges and a microfuge have all found a new home in the lab.

Farewell To The MSc Students

Amin, Lukas and Justin have all handed in their dissertations and after three months in the lab, leave to pursue their academic careers. Goodbye all.

Paper Download

Our paper 'Exploring the potential of metallic nanoparticles within synthetic biology' is currently the second most downloaded article from New Biotechnology. Check it out!

Lab Trip To The Fringe

Matt Knightmare
The lab went to see Knightmare live at the Fringe, our childhood came flooding back.


Fatai has had his blog about the ECB16 conference featured on the SULSA website. Check it out: http://www.sulsa.ac.uk/ecb16-student-reports

Fatai First Year Transfer Viva

Congratulations to Fatai who transfered from the first to second year of his PhD.

The Lab At ECB16

The Lab attended ECB16 at the EICC.
Presentations were given by Louise, Nick and Matt while Takanori and Fatai presented posters. All were well received!

New Lab Member

The lab is pleased to welcome Wanli Wu, who joins us on exchange from Zhejiang University. Wanli will help Matt to characterise some arsenic-resistance parts within the CLAW project.

Matt's Blog

Matt has written a blog about his presentation at the SULSA meeting earlier this month for the CORE website.
Visit http://www.core-community.net/

Edinburgh BioQuarter Innovation Competition

Congratulations to Justin Barclay, one of our MSc students, who has won second prize in the Edinburgh Bioquarter Innovation Competition. Justin has come up with a novel way to kill spores of from Clostridium difficile.

SULSA Meeting

10-06-14 Matt Presenting
The lab attended the SUSLA Synthetic Biology Meeting.
Matt gave a fantastic talk, and Nick, Fatai and Takanori presented great posters.

New Lab Member

The lab is pleased to welcome Chan, who joins as a summer student to work on the CL4W grant for 2 months.

CLEVER Symposium

20-05-14 London
Nick, Matt and Mike attended the CLEVER Symposium in St Martins in the Field, London, learning all about the challenges of e-waste reduction.


Congratulations to Louise who got married this weekend, with the lab in attendance. Woo!

New Lab Member

The lab welcomes Justin, a new MSc student to the lab; he joins us to work on the Ligniflex project.

SBS Symposium

The lab attended the SBS Research Symposium at the Roslin Institute which showcased all the amazing being carried out across the School of Biological Sciences, at the University of Edinburgh.

New Lab Members

The Lab is pleased to welcome two new MSc students Lukas and Amin. They join us to work on the CL4W grant.

CL4W Meeting Edinburgh

The Horsfall Lab welcomes the CL4W collaborators from around the country. Intense debates and high-end science followed by a curry.

More New Lab Equipment

Another toy for the lab: a brand new thermal cycler. We just have to think of a name for it now!

Ph.D Position Success

Congratulations to our 4th Year Honours Student Kat who has just got a Ph.D. position in Cambridge. We wish you the best of luck!

New Lab Equipment

The Horsfall lab’s new Protein purification system is up and running!

Publication Success

The Horsfall lab has had its first publication: ‘Exploring the potential of metallic nanoparticles within synthetic biology’. The first of many to come.

Grant Success

Congratulations to Nick and Fatai who have been award a SULSA Young Scientist Bursary to attend the ECB16 conference. We’re looking forward to the posters!

TEDx Talk

Louise gave a great talk at the TEDx event last night. Highlighting some of the ways synthetic biology can help with environmental and industrial issues.

Reality Bites

We've been chatting with Soilutions for a practitioner’s perspective on bioremediation, research meets reality. As it turns out, we're on the right track. Good to know!


Louise travelled to Cranfield University to meet with the rest of the CORE-creative outreach for resource efficiency-team.

TEDx Training

Louise's Tedx talk is getting closer, so she got a little extra help with a bit of one to one training with Voice in Action coach Michael Hargreaves.
Watch this space for the results.

New Lab Member

The Horsfall Lab is pleased to welcome Sjaak van der Sar as their new part-time technician. Welcome aboard!

Conference Reporting

Well done to Nick and Matt for producing a report on the 2nd Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe meeting and getting it published in New Biotechnology.
Edinburgh’s team selection and project planning begins in earnest during Innovative Learning Week.

iGEM 2014

Edinburgh’s team selection and project planning begins in earnest during Innovative Learning Week.

China Partnering

Louise and Matt had a great time visiting Dr Pingsheng Liu at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics. The Horsfall Lab better watch out though, Louise was very impressed to see students and staff working 14 hours a day, 6.5 days a week!

SB at the SSAC

Louise was pleased to go to the Royal Society of Edinburgh to present an academic viewpoint of SynBio at the Scottish Scientific Advisory Council Synthetic Biology in Scotland workshop.

ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology

Louise joined Alistair Elfick and Chris French on a trip to Paris to meet with the other member of the European Network working on the Cellulect project. This exciting new collaboration includes Ariel Linder, Peter Lenz and Ingenza too.


Louise visited Barcelona for the EFB Executive Board Meeting to discuss the new Bioengineering and Bioprocessing section and update the EFB on the congress, taking place in the summer.

CL4W in Birmingham

Louise and Matt travelled to Birmingham for another quarterly meeting. The research updates are really getting exciting now. Look forward to seeing some publications soon.
CL4W Research
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Applications Of Synthetic Biology

The new second semester MSc level course on Synthetic Biology gets underway today. Both courses have been such a popular choice with the students that we will be launching a new MSc to study Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology in the autumn.