Visitors From The East

As well as doing a little lab work we celebrated Christmas with a visit by students from Dr Liu’s lab.

More CL4W

We’re really pleased to officially welcome Dr Matthew Edmundson to the Horsfall Lab. Matt will work on the 'Cleaning Land 4 Wealth' project, focusing his efforts on the arsenic case study.

Tools For SynBio

Today was final class in the MSc level course and Louise received the student’s appraisal of the course. Great comments and 8.5/10, a pretty good score for the first attempt, but there’s room for improvement.

Applied Synthetic Biology In Europe

Louise was really pleased to be one of the invited speakers at this year’s ASBE conference. Matt and Nick also joined her on the trip to Malaga and presented posters.

EFB New Section

Louise was elected interim co-chair of the newly forming Bioengineering and Bioprocessing section of the European Federation of Biotechnology.

Special Feature

Our collaborative work with Ingenza was included in the 2013 edition of Infinite Magazine in the article “Where Dry Meets Wet – Life Sciences, Genomics and Synthetic Biology”

CL4Wing In Cranfield

All the supervisors and researchers on the Cleaning Land 4 Wealth project got together for a quarterly meeting.

Conference Coming Soon…

The planning for ECB16 continues. It will be a huge celebration of biotech innovation and the biggest conference in Europe in 2014.

Hot Topics In Chile

Louise went all the way to Chile to present the labs latest research on bacterial nanoparticle synthesis at the 20th International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium

Horsfall Lab Welcomes New Member

“Konnichiwa” and welcome to Dr Takanori Furukawa, who’s just joined the Horsfall lab to work on Ligniflex, a project co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board and the BBSRC, with Ingenza as our industrial partners.

SynBio Sparks

We’re pleased to have been awarded a BBSRC:Sparking Impact Award for planned future work with Jon Marles-Wright.

Teaching SynBio

The first of two new MSc level courses available at the University of Edinburgh began today.
Tools for Synthetic Biology is organised by Louise and includes lectures and tutorials given by SynBio specialists at the University.

Impacts Of Synthetic Biology

Louise coordinated a scientific response from SynthSys to an international consultation document commission by the Convention on Biological Diversity

CORE Kicking Off

The Creative Outreach for Resource Efficiency begins with a kick off meeting at Loughborough University. Find out more at http://core-community.net/

Interdisciplinary Playtime

Louise went to the RSC bioorganic chemistry retreat at Firbush and presented the labs latest results to UK chemists.

First Year Success

Congratulations to Nick who sailed through his first year review and finally becomes a full-time member of the Horsfall Lab.

Learn About Leap

The website is complete and the ebook 'Look before LEAPing' is now available, describing how the LEAP initiative is providing mentorship, practical skills and a sustainable network to help guide the emerging leaders in synthetic biology.

Industrial Innovation With Ingenza

We’ve just begun our project to advance the industrial application of synthetic biology, an 18 month feasibility study with Ingenza funded by the TSB and BBSRC.

Travel Plans

We’ll be collaborating with China. Louise and Prof. Pingsheng Liu have been awarded an international partnering award, more details soon.


It’s finally here!!!

Biotechnology In Edinburgh In 2014

Louise happily offered topics and suggested speakers for the European Federation in Biotechnology to discuss in the planning for ECB16 in Edinburgh in 2014

Newbies In Newcastle

CLAW meeting in Newcastle. It was great to have a project catch up and meet all the new researchers.

Responsible Research

Louise had a very interesting time at the ‘Responsible Innovation in Research Policy’ workshop, organised by Sarah Parry, many thanks for the invite!

Speaking In Spain

Louise has been invited to present the work of the group as an invited speaker at Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe conference to be held in Malaga this November, 25th-27th

Science In The Summer

A big welcome Daniel Dodd, very pleased you’ll be spending your summer working hard in our lab. We have lots to keep you busy.

Our First Fond Farewell

We’re very sad to say goodbye to our project student Amira. We wish her the very best for the future and hopefully we will see her next year on the MSc Biotech course

iGEM 2013

We’re very pleased to be able to support Edinburgh’s 2013 iGEM team. Louise has secured an undergraduate research bursary from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Nuffield Foundation for one of the team and Nick will be an iGEM advisor over the summer

SynBio Stars In The School of Biological Science’s Symposium

Louise presented the lab’s work from over the past year after being invited to speak at the SBS Research Symposium, which took place at the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Biotechnology In Edinburgh In 2014

Louise is now on the local organising committee for the European Congress of Biotechnology – ECB16, taking place in Edinburgh in 2014

Sandpit Fun-ding!

It took Louise two hours to get there in all the snow but she eventually made it to the University’s Ideas Exchange Sandpit. Her project with Jon Marles-Wright, Bas Boom and Anthony Callanan was judged to be ‘interesting, innovative and truly interdisciplinary’ in the ‘Healthcare Technologies’ area and was therefore one of the three selected for seed/feasibility funding.

Interview For 'The Student'

Added to the CL4W press coverage by giving an extra face to face interview with Clarinda Burrell from the University’s paper ‘The Student’.
Thanks to Clarinda for her great writing!
Click HERE for link to article

BBC Radio Scotland

Louise has a very early start to get to the beeb to be interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland Breakfast Show. They wanted to hear all about our new Cleaning Land for Wealth project.
The story was also picked up by a number of newspapers, articles describing the EPSRC funded project featured in The Daily Record, The Daily Telegraph, Eastern Daily Press, Metro, The Northern Echo, The Press and Journal, The Herald, The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post and on the BBC and NBC websites. WOW!

More Lab Members

The EPSRC Cleaning Land for Wealth (CL4W) project kicks off and we welcome two new lab members.
Nimisha and Michael are going to be using Synthetic Biology tools and techniques to create and optimise bacterial production of metal nanoparticles.


A well deserved break with some of the MSc Biotechnology students in the middle of our bike ride.
Louise accompanied the students to Firbush, on the banks of Loch Tay, for play and presentations in Innovative Learning Week.


Louise was lucky enough to get a last minute invite on a RCUK trip to China. Thank you to all those involved in organising the trip, it was great to be on the SynBio team and excited by all the possibilities.

TSB Feasibility

We’ll be “Advancing the industrial application of synthetic biology” very soon. Our 18 month feasibility study with Ingenza has been funded by the TSB.

Amira's Arrival

The Horsfall Lab welcomes its first ever project student.
Amira is a Biotechnology Honours student and will be hard at work in the lab for nearly the whole semester.